Step 1. Go to
步骤 1 请打开网站

Step 2. Select Towaway Authority Form ( top righthand)
步骤 2 请点击选择拖车授权表格(在网站的右上角)

Step 3. Complete building/property details

步骤 3 请输入物业信息

Step 4. Upload pictures of your license, and photos of the offending vehicle

步骤 4 请上传您的驾照照片,以及违规停车的车辆照片

Step 5. If the address on your license is different from building address you will need to supply proof of ownership or leasing of parking place

步骤 5 如果您驾照上的地址与步骤3 中物业的地址不一样,请提供车位的所有权证明或者车位的租约合同

Step 6. Complete the rest part of the form and submit. We are on our way.
步骤 6 请继续填写,完成表格并提交,我们正在赶来的路上。